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The Course contains fully animated syllabus of CBSE Board Class 5

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Course Description

The course contains teachings of subject matter experts and master teachers who have covered all aspects of the subject in great details thereby simplifying concepts to ensure a better understanding & learning outcome. This supported by clips & story board ensures student engagement with an effective learning outcome & better knowledge retention. The content also incorporates interactive assessment modules which provides students with a tool to revise & to assess their understanding of the subject & concepts. Structured on Houghton Mifflin standards with pedagogy based high impact animated content with graphics, illustrations & videos. In this course you can learn Science subject with Animal Lifestyle, Bones and Muscles, Characteristics of Living things, Food and Health, Living things depend on each other, Moon, Natural Calamities and many more. And Math subject with topics Basics of Geometry, Data Handling, Decimals, Fractional numbers, Fractions, Geometrical Shapes, Large Numbers and many more.


  • Section 1: Science
    • Section 1.1: Air water and weather
    • Section 1.1: Animal Lifestyle
    • Section 1.1: Bones and Muscles
    • Section 1.1: Characteristics of Living things
    • Section 1.1: Food and Health
    • Section 1.1: Living things depend on each othe...
    • Section 1.1: Moon
    • Section 1.1: Natural Calamities
    • Section 1.1: Reproduction in Plants
    • Section 1.1: Rocks and Minerals
    • Section 1.1: Safety and First Aid
    • Section 1.1: Simple machines
    • Section 1.1: Soil Erosion and Conservation
    • Section 1.1: The Nervous System
  • Section 2: MATHEMATICS
    • Section 2.1: Basics of Geometry
    • Section 2.1: Data Handling
    • Section 2.1: Decimals
    • Section 2.1: Fractional numbers
    • Section 2.1: Fractions
    • Section 2.1: Geometrical Shapes
    • Section 2.1: Large Numbers
    • Section 2.1: Measurement
    • Section 2.1: Measurement of volume
    • Section 2.1: Money
    • Section 2.1: Multiples and Factors
    • Section 2.1: Operations on Decimal Numbers
    • Section 2.1: Operations on Large Numbers
    • Section 2.1: Perimeter and Area
    • Section 2.1: Time